Why have I started hating human interactions?

3 min readSep 21, 2022

World is not same as it used to be few years back.

People used to listen to each other, and many of them were also expert in reading unsaid things.

Today, we live in a world, where misery of one person never generates any sympathy in other person, let alone the empathetic part that we talk about.

Humans have grown into robots that just want to earn money and live their life successful. We don’t want to spare our time to listen to the other person living besides us.

And to show that we really are concerned about the misery that people around the world are going through, we start giving money to charities, and that too has a simple reason — to save our taxes.

This is not a lie. This is what every single “so called successful” person is doing today.

It is better to listen to the person who is depressed and is besides you rather than giving out to charities just for your personal gains.

But whom am I talking to, I am also part of that generation, and have those traits ingrained in my DNA.

I still remember people connect with me just to say that they are not feeling good. That they feel lost in the corporate world and are not able to work and earn enough to support their families.

They also connect me when they are broken and at the brink of sinking down. This makes me feel sometimes, am I alone that is listening to them?

Is it difficult to see a story behind a profile that is nameless, and without any experience altogether?

There was a person, who was trying to find job for one of his friend, who was struggling. He tried to connect with several HRs around the world, but he didn't had a profile pic or experience written on his profile.

One of the HR noticed it and replied that, “You don’t know how to be on a professional network?”

As if that HR had developed that community or written the codes of conduct.

That poor guy was just asking HR help to help his friend to land a job or let him know if there are any openings, but that particular HR was more interested in knowing what is his experience and where does he stands as a person.

This is only because that HR wanted to know if he is in competition or not.

Well, I haven't met many people like these, but one thing is clear. There are very few people left in the world that actually see a story behind a profile.

It may happen that the person has created a profile in a hurry to help his friend, or maybe they were digitally handicapped.

But we need a way to show our dominance more than helping others.

Can we just try and help people around the world, and if we cant help them, at least dont take that privilege to teach any manners to people who are in need of help?

I still believe that if you are reading this article till this paragraph, so you are not among those people, and that you are also seeing the world like I am.

And one thing is clear, I also believe that till there are people that know how to just be there and listen to someone besides us, this world has hope to become a better place altogether.




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