Why do people hate others just because of their opinions?

There was an article that was written on thewiki Network, which I want to quote here.

Someone has rightly said,

Opinions are a reflection of one’s value.

There are some people who have an ideology that a particular community or individuals belonging to some segment or part of the world are inferior to them, and this is how hatred begins.

Someone who thinks that terrorists have their own thought process is actually favoring them, and in that process, they also start to hate people who are around them.

It is simple to be Happy, but really difficult to be simple

If your opinion is that the people who take money from the poor to give to the rich should be given more power to do so, then that is a reflection of who you are as a person: Greedy.

Sure some opinions are arbitrary: If in your opinion chocolate is gross and green is the superior color, then nobody cares!

But when your opinion deals with how you view other people, that is a reflection of how you also TREAT those other people, and whenever you treat others as harmful, then people are going to dislike you. You are being misanthropic and anti-social when you do so.

Having said that, the above article that I read, gave me insights into why people hate each other, and how we might be able to make this world a better place.



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