Why do people behave as if they are superior to others?

3 min readSep 12, 2023

Humans have evolved to become civilized animals, and it is observed that in doing so, humans have valued Wealth and Power in social fabrics.

I have seen people from the same countries behaving with each other as if they are superior to one another, even though they are from the same city and from the same society.

There was an incident, when a person who belonged to a certain area met another person and started a conversation by saying, “The weather looks rainy”, and the other person replied, “Where is the rain?”.

He wanted to demean the first person just because he initiated the conversation and in a tone that can be associated with taunt.

Although in an attempt to look cool, the second person ruined the relationship that the first person was going to make by acknowledging his presence, but after that, the first person never talked to the second person directly, and always used to give sarcastic answers to him.

This is just one example, of why people start behaving in the way that they do and usually it is the mistake of someone who thinks he or she is cooler than the other person, maybe because the other person is physically smaller than him or her or because of financial status.

Even when people start talking to each other, they first observe his or her overall presence and social status before initiating a talk.

This is usually because as a human we are wired to talk to people in influence with politeness and to people that are not that influentential with derogatory comments.

But why can't people talk to each other in a polite way?
This has been a question for a long, and in the past also we have seen people becoming blind due to the money that they make or because of the reason that they think they are better than another person.

Those people are obviously not worth talking to and not a leader at all.

They are usually insecure managers who have an issue with their stumbling position when someone else comes.

A powerful person never talks badly to others and has his or her own way of handling issues. This is also important to understand that most humans live a better life and no one actually gives a shit about what others think and behave.

These are the people with huge egos that suffer because of this issue of making others feel small because others don't give a shit, therefore, they are more likely to feel sad because others don't care, but this is what they deserve because on the first hand, they have created a bubble of invisible ego that keeps them from interacting with each other.

How can we make this world a better place?
It is as simple as moving into a green garden — We will have to be gentle to make this world a better place.

We will have to be polite to ensure that we don't hurt the feelings of other people or people that come to our direct interaction.

This will make this world a better place to live and we will also be able to make everyone live their lives peacefully because the more we hurt someone, there are more chances that he or she will become a villain and hurt other people that are around them.

Therefore, it is always better to greet other people, and acknowledge their presence by interacting with them and not make them feel inferior to us in any way.




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