Why can’t people be nice to each other?

4 min readMay 9


For several years I have seen a shift in the behavior of humans as a whole. There was a time when generosity and kindness were favored and people wanted to be with the same kind of people.

But for some years now I have seen a change in this trend.

People have become more rude these days. I have seen people from different communities or cultures pointing out each other’s blemishes.

Let me give you a context;

I am part of a small online community that works toward the betterment of a particular segment of people who are in other states.

One gentleman who wanted to help her daughter-in-law asked if someone can let him know if there is a job opening for a particular field.

In response another person said, “Direct Message me her resume”.

When that person sent his daughter-in-law’s resume, the other person who offered to help in the first place pointed out in the group, “Intercastes are not accepted here … Our culture will vanish”.

Well, I believe this was the main reason why we lose our people and our culture because we cannot stand other people using our resources.

Having said that, he could have just not offered to help if he wanted to, but instead, he chose to point out that his daughter-in-law is from another community and that he should not help her.

This was really sad to read.

Obviously, the person who asked for help simply left the group without even saying a word.

I saw silence in the whole group. Nobody responded as if they also agreed to this.

Although I retaliated, but it was in vain, as people who are already brainwashed can never be brought back on the track.

As if he was destined to be born in that community and that he knew he will reborn in that community only.

I sometimes feel that being quiet is enough when something wrong is happening. I mean we should learn from the wars between different countries.

Although you don’t want to get engaged directly in a war-like situation, it becomes a moral obligation for other people to speak up against something wrong.

Another small story;

I was going through Instagram reels when I saw a video of a youtube influencer and comedian who had gone on honeymoon in Italy.

He was robbed in the metro … In front of Everyone … and nobody reacted!

He went to the police, but they also said that they will check and let him know if they found his wallet and all. He had all the cash in his wallet and was stranded in a place totally unknown to him with his wife.

Is this how people are going to promote tourism?

Well, one thing is for sure … I am not going to visit that place and never going to feel the same way with a foreigner as I used to feel in the past.

As a community, you should stand up and help. At least help a couple who are not from your country. How much wrong is okay for you guys?

If something like this would have happened at the place where I am living, people would have torn the clothes of robbers and beaten them up, and taken those people to the police.

But obviously, some people are more developed and they respect each other’s work, so how can a thief not let another thief do his or her work!

You should have seen how stranded they both felt, and it is 100% the fault of the locals and authorities who are lenient enough to let things like this happen and then they cry when some wars happen 1000s of miles away.

The can’t help a foreigner who is in danger and then talk about civilizations and mannerisms.

How much wrong is okay for them?

If you didn't say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or greeted other people or at least smiled, then you are uncivilized and from 3rd world, but you can’t help a helpless person when you see they are being robbed.

Slowly and steadily this world is moving towards the darkness that it cannot comprehend itself as well.

I see people talking trash with each other. They don’t feel they belong anywhere.

If everything is fine with them and their families, they are all good. Others can go to hell, they literally don’t give a shit!

Sorry for being so blunt and abusive, but this is what happens when you see the world and kindness falling apart.

Instead of working towards making this world a better place, we are working to make it a living hell for every one of us.

With this article and the above two stories, I just want to say one thing;

Please be kind to other, and don’t judge a person by his or her appearance. They might need you. Try to be a helping hand, even if your hand shakes.




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