thewiki Network — to restore the essence of social networking

2 min readNov 2, 2022


For several years, I was working on a social media network that could be used to restore the essence of social networking.

Initially, social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn were really awesome in what they delivered, but as soon as the question of credibility came into the picture, these social media websites become dark websites, which have access to all our data, which they are using to fabricate our lives today.

These big social media houses are influencing our decision-making by polarizing the content that we consume.

Our decisions are becoming more predictable as we are following the algorithms that guide these social media networks.

As I have taken names of two social networking websites that doesn't mean that these are the only ones, but there are several other social media platforms, which are using the user's data for their own advantage and for the benefit of big companies.

We all know this? What’s the point?
I know most people know about this all, and they still choose these platforms, not because of their choice, but because they have already shared so many details on this platform, that they actually don't have the bandwidth to check something new in the market.

Have you heard about thewiki Network?
Most probably not. This is because it is a small passion project run by a group of unpopular people in some corner of the earth.

The main aim of thewiki Network is to create a platform where the real essence of social networking can be restored, and while doing so, we are also able to use the platform for conserving our history, and roots.

It has a simple interface, and all the content is open to everyone around the world …

to be continued …




thewiki Network was created to liberate how content is shared around the world. Join the team at and start earning money for your content.