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2 min readJul 7, 2023
thewiki Network

There has been a surge of search queries these days about what is the best Text-Based Social Networks.

Most Social Networking Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, are mainly expanding into video content formats.

Initially, Twitter was one of the few platforms to encourage people to use text as the main content format, but as it advanced, its main focus changed to earn more revenue and allow people to share all kinds of content.

I believe when we are creating a text-based social network then there should not be any other format promoted as such.

Today there is only one Social Network that stands firm on text-based content and that is thewiki Network.

thewiki Network is one of the few social networks that allow people to connect with each other with the power of words.

By allowing people to post small thread-like posts to let them create blogs and pages, thewiki Network has allowed people to explore their love for text and the way they can express themselves.

It is so basic that people can create their profiles with only one profile pic and although there is an option to upload images and pictures on this platform, the way this platform is designed always encourages people to contribute using blogs, pages, and micro blogs.

This helps in genuine conversations because people can express themselves using words and hence are able to connect with their reader base on a more personal level.

On the other hand, other social networks are working towards addressing to the already shortening focus or attention time of their user bases. They are increasing short-type content and also make people more impatient in the long run.

Having said that, have you ever felt that you are stuck withing reels and that you can keep on scrolling reels fore more than an hour also in one go sometimes?

Well, this is because it is made addictive in that way that it gives you more dopamine hits whenever you are scrolling through the reels.

On the other hand, text-based social networks like thewiki Network address to more longer attention spans. This actually helps in making good habit of reading and understanding what the writer wants to say.

It also nurtures patience in children's and when children from younger age write and read long content they become more patient and a good leader as well, because they know that small attention spans are really bad for their health and for decision making as well.

What is your thought about text-based social networks? and have you tried thewiki Network till now?




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