People using thewiki Network to search for Cosmetic Material Supplier Details

2 min readMay 26, 2023


Sourcing of Raw Materials for Cosmetic Products becomes a nightmare for formulators especially when they are young and have less experience and connections in the cosmetic domain.

thewiki Network has made it easy for formulators and suppliers to connect with each other and the same can be checked in the above image as well.

There are several people in India and around the world that have started using Cosmetic Search Engine which helps cosmetic research and development experts connect with suppliers much easier.

Initially, most of the work was done using WhatsApp groups, which no doubt is still essential for networking, but when it comes to searching for contact details people have to ask every single time in the groups themselves, which causes notification bombarding.

I was part of around 6 to 10 cosmetics groups with more than 500 people in each of the groups, because of which I had to keep all those groups on mute, or else there would have been more than 60 to 100 notifications on a daily basis.

Having said that, creating a search engine helped in ensuring that we have less load on our personal devices for connecting with the raw material suppliers.

Also when people search for queries and the raw material is not present in our repository then the query changes to a question for raw material vendors, which raw material suppliers can answer and provide their contact details.

This makes it easy for raw material suppliers to check the requirements of cosmetic manufacturing companies. Therefore, it even helps in planning of inventory for the raw material vendors.

We are working more to connect the raw material suppliers with formulators by means of sending emails with targeted requirements but it is still a work in progress. In the meantime, we are waiting for people to use it on a daily basis so that they can benefit from the same.

Big data repositories charge hefty license fees which is sometimes not possible for new formulators to pay because of this there is a delay in sourcing raw materials.

But with the help of thewiki Network’s Cosmetic Search Engine, this time has been reduced a lot.

Although there are still some raw materials that need to be added as more and more users or formulators use it, this is the beauty of this platform which helps in ensuring that raw material vendors always keep on working on their product portfolios as per the requirement of cosmetic manufacturing companies.

To check and use the search engine you can check the below link;




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