How to source Cosmetic Raw Materials?

4 min readMay 4, 2023

Have you ever thought about how to make it easy for every one of us to search for cosmetic raw materials?

In this age of Technological Advancements, still, cosmetic ingredients and raw materials are being sourced by word of mouth or using cosmetic WhatsApp groups, but sometimes it gets really irritating to mute all those cosmetic groups that are ringing our phones day in and day out.

Also, using big organization websites that claim to be a directory or raw materials being used seems really tough for startups and R&D departments that are working on tight budgets because they require us to purchase a license to access the database to extract contact details of the suppliers.

Having said that, why can’t we create a search engine of our own — A Cosmetic Raw Material Search Engine

This seems amazing because it makes sense to have a search engine as there is always some requirement for raw materials and people from around the world don’t have enough money to pay for licenses on websites.

So, here is how has helped in developing a Cosmetic Raw Material Search Engine, and that too with tools that are amazing. Some of the benefits of using this tool are as follows;

  1. You get a central repository of brands that sell raw materials that you require
  2. No need to send WhatsApp messages in groups to connect with raw material vendors
  3. Any query or ingredient that is not available gets saved as a question to raw material vendors. For example, if you are searching for Stearic Acid and it is not available in the database, then it will automatically create a question: Do you have Stearic Acid?
  4. Now these questions have a “Yes” button available because of which if some raw material vendor has something available then they can come and add the details like their email id and phone number.
  5. This enables raw material vendors know what people are searching for and if they are the first to add their details they get benefit because next time when someone searches for the same product their contact details are available.

Do you know what your target market is searching for?
Many people that are in cosmetic industry don’t know what their target market is looking for. Check out the below image to see how thewiki search engine helps in intimating vendors about requirements;

As you can see in the above image, there are a lot of questions. These questions are formed using the queries that users have posted. Therefore, you are always aware of what your target market is searching for and hence you are better able to keep your inventory.

How can this become a great tool?
Well, no tool is great without its users, and if people like you and me use this tool then this can become popular and a great way to source raw materials for cosmetic formulations.

Currently this is only being used in India as a starting point but because it is free to use, therefore people from all over the world can use this platform to source raw materials.

We even verify the clients that have posted their listing, and as currently most of the postings are manually done so we have included only the verified suppliers.

We are even going to keep a dedicated person to verify the suppliers that are adding their raw materials so that it is easy for everyone of us to trust them.

How to answer questions and add your details as a raw material vendor?
It is a simple process. You just need to go to and then click on “Yes” if you have a particular ingredient or if you want to manually add your own details then you can use “Add Data” button at the end of the questions.

Once you have clicked on “Yes”, you are taken to the form that you can fill to submit your details as a raw material vendor. Sharing an image for your reference;

As I had clicked on “lanolin” therefore it will itself paste the ingredient name in the “Ingredient Name” section and you will be able to fill other details like INCI Name, Price, and your contact details.

And when someone searches for lanolin again, your contact details will pop up.

Isn’t it easy and amazing to use it?

This is what we wanted to do, to create a platform that is easy to use and that can help Research and Development Teams around the Globe source Raw Materials for their Cosmetic Formulations easily and quickly.

If you like this idea, you can even join our small community by checking out the below link;

Thanks for reading this article … Have A Great Day Ahead!




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