How to make money online genuinely?

4 min readSep 12, 2023

Making Money Online has been surrounded by controversies for several years and this has been happening since the birth of the world wide web.

As a human, we need money to live our lives effectively and without becoming dependent on someone else in the process.

Therefore, everyone needs money to live a life that can support their overall wellbeing, but when it comes to making money, people have always thought of making money online as one of the get-rich-quick schemes that can land them into issues rather than making them a substantial amount for their families.

Making Money Online is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and one needs to understand that it is one of the hardest ways to make money.

Let me give you an example of one of the websites that I had built:

thewiki Network is one of the social media networks just like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and to assume that it will be as famous as any other social networking platform will be wrong because it is not the case.

Initially when I started my journey to build a website and start my blogging journey, it was long back in my school days, and little did I knew that blogging was one of the toughest works one can choose to do.

Still I tried and launched my free blog on blogger, and started writing about what I felt at that time or what I learned during that time.

Although I was doing it on my phone as I didn't had a laptop, still I was able to write more than 30 blogs in few years. But this was a time when bloggers already had good experience of starting their websites and setting up of advertisements to make money, and this was the time when I also lost.

Few years later, when I gained some experience in website development, I again tried to develop my website and start a blog, but during that time also I failed because of huge competition.

I didn't knew that I need to make a blog niche specific. I used to create blogs on different topics, which used to rank on Google, still were not able to generate huge traffic along the way.

Then came a time when I stopped website development and focused on working hard on my career by focusing on my company work, and this was the time when my company got bankrupt and I had to again search for a new job.

Luckily I got a job with the same salary as I used to get but it was 6 months later and all my savings had got exhausted.

Now, I started working hard as I was part of an organization that wanted to suck each skill out of me and develop their software systems without paying a developer’s salary.

Having said that this was the time that encouraged me again to work on my blogs and this time I thought of launching a platform that can help other bloggers and content writers also to write and express themselves rather than only writing my own content.

This helped me in starting thewiki Network, which was a platform for content writers to connect and create their own portfolios as well.

It was like LinkedIn for content writing, which was focused on content creation only, but many people around the world considered it as a failure because I didn't had funding and neither did I had a marketing plan.

The only way I was thinking to market it was via Serarch Engine Rankings and Email Subscribers.

So, I worked and set up my website, which is still being used by several users that love writing and they are also able to create their portfolios which help prospective clients to reach those content creators as well.

This is basically because content writing is one of the tasks that requires personal experience and expertise about a particular thing, that cannot be experienced by any Artificial Intelligence Machine till now, and hence human touch is always a requirement in those things.

Also, as a human, it is easier for us to connect with our readers, which is not possible if we are using AI content only.

So, slowly and steadily when thewiki Network started gaining traction, I was able to see profits coming in. Initially it was as low as $0.20 per day, still it was something that I had made without selling anything actively.

I had to work passively towards my goal of getting my blog set up and also towards ensuring that people know about the website and that they are able to find my website on internet when they search for a specific term.

Once people were studying using my website, slowly and steadily traffic increased and I started observing money pouring in.

If you want to know more about my journey to make money online. You can follow me on thewiki Network or can also post in the comments and I will start writing content about what you want to learn more about in blogging.

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