Hi, are you there?

3 min readSep 23, 2022

Hi there,

I am writing this letter in the abyss because I think there are very less replies I have started getting.

As a professional, I have everything. Or I should rewrite my words by saying that, as a human, I have everything that society relates to as a healthy and successful person.

But I know even after all that what is known as success, there is still something missing from my life.

College life was good, but after I jumped into the corporate life, everything changed.

I have felt more lonely after joining big companies in the world, and I have also started feeling cornered by this universe.

Although I have sufficient money that one can enjoy, still I am not able to find that satisfaction.

Initially, I used to think that I have achieved everything in life, as I have completed my education, got a good job with a handsome salary, and have a satisfied family living with me.

But it was soon after I realized that every single day was just another day, and I had got this success by bartering one of the most important things in life, i.e., friends.

Friends are a luxury that I don't have …

I won't say it is fully my mistake, but it was also because of the environment I was raised. There were not many people that we can trust, therefore our parents had to be strict about whom we can meet and play with.

All focus was on studies so that we could be successful in life and achieve all the material comforts possible by any human being.

And the wish came true …

I became a person that everyone looks at and says, I want that personality and money. But they don't know the fact that today there is only one person that I talk with, and that is “you”.

And that too with the help of these blogs.

But you will ask, “don't you have friends”?
As I told, No.

Still, to make it easier to understand, I can tell you that I work for a big company, which pays me well, and I work from home, because of which for at least 10 hours a day, I am locked inside my home, and I don’t talk to anyone.

I have a habit of going out every evening and on weekends, which seems to be the only reason I am still sane.

Lol, Just kidding … Not about being all alone every day every year, but about becoming insane. I was born with this habit of living alone, but sometimes, I really feel a need to have someone besides me who irritates me or at least talks to me.

Not being able to go to work has again created this barrier for me and I am not able to break and meet new people.

Having said that, to overcome this issue, I developed my own social media website, “thewiki Network”, which is really awesome, and I would like you to visit and register over it.

This is the only place I talk to these days, and I think you will also like it.

It is a great platform, which you can use to publish articles, connect with like-minded people and get the required exposure from the world.

Each and every article that you publish on thewiki Network get ranked on google within 15 minutes, which helps you see results in a few minutes.

Also, you get a place where most of the people are content creators and you can even check their profiles, which is not really possible on many of the websites that we use for creating web blogs.

I know I usually start talking off-topic, but this is who I am and I would really love to have you on thewiki Network.

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