Have you tried the WhatsUp! feature of thewiki Network?

Hi, have you tried the Whats Up! feature of thewiki Network?

thewiki Network is a platform to connect content creators with each other, and it is done through a series of blogs, stories, collaborative page creation, and discussion topics.

Since several days as there has been a news of twitter becoming something else entirely, it is always better to fine a different way to broadcast yourself, and thewiki Network is here for your rescue.

You can post 250 characters micro blogs, and everyone will be visible on this internet, from around the world, and the best thing is that you don't have to pay anything to post these messages.

This will ensure that we have a system in place where people can actually discuss or debate things together and not have any tension of someone bullying them.

I believe one of the best way to live is living unbiased.

As a human, we should not judge anything without getting a hands on experience. This is important also because we have to ensure that we have a platform which is not monitored by any corporate intensions and have all scope to allow people to discuss their ideas.

Obviously, we are so much engrosed into Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and Twitter, that we have stopped exploring new social media networks.

If you found it interesting, check out the below link and register to thewiki Network;



thewiki Network was created to liberate how content is shared around the world. Join the team at https://thewiki.in and start earning money for your content.

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