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2 min readAug 4, 2023


thewiki Yekjah is a platform, a community for content creators to come together and thrive.

There are several groups, and websites that facilitate different industries, but it is not for the creator community, especially for the writers.

Although on Medium you can clap, and comment on each other’s blogs, it is still not a platform where we can connect on an individual level and collaborate together in real time.

thewiki Yekjah is catering to that particular requirement.

As an individual, we need to be a part of a growing community that can help us and can also take our assistance in growing, and this is what this platform provides.

You can write blogs, create pages, and ask questions and for doing all of this you receive some crypto tokens or “user points”, which can be exchanged with friends and families.

Although right now they are not worth much, they represent the value that your articles have.

They are a store of value for your articles, which you will surely be able to redeem in the near future.

These User Points or Crypto Tokens also make you stand apart as the person who has the highest points would be shown on the top of the leader board, and it is never that difficult to earn more user points.

The only requirement is to write unique content on this platform and earn user points for all the work done.

Having said that, there is also a verified feature, that ensures that safety is always on top, because people that have a verified mark are the people whom you can always turn to for any assistance.

You can even create collaborative pages, with wiki like page feature on thewiki Yekjah that can be used by collaborative groups to brain storm and also create articles together.

There is even option to send private messages or start an instant messaging with your friends and family or team mates that you are working with.

Although, these all things are great, still we have a limited seat for the registrations, because we cannot accommodate everyone on this small platform.

So, take this opportunity to visit thewiki Yekjah and register to start writing your ideas and creating blogs.

Readers from around the world will be able to see your profile and you will also have a dedicated profile section which you can edit as per your requirements.

Give it a try and let me know your feedback, Thanks,




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