Do you want to write blogs anonymously?

1 min readNov 10, 2023

Have you ever thought of a platform that could be used to write blogs anonymously?

Yes this can be done and it is fun because when you are anonymous then you can write about anything you like. You are also able to enjoy your writing more because you don't have the fear of being judged. is the website that allows anonymous blog posts.

Although it also allows to give Author Name, but it is totally optional. Once you have added your article, it will be published at the same time and will be available for anyone around the world to see.

I really like this idea to share views without getting a feeling of getting judged. If someone else has a better point of view, they can explain the same in their own blog, but at least we will have our own views available for masses to read.

Plus, this website is so simple to use. Bare skelton.

Everything you write in HTML, because this website doesn't has a proper text editor, but this also gives us pixel level writing option and we are able to customize or pages as we like.

This is what real blogging is all about, a more customized and beautiful place which showcases our mind and abilities.

I personally like to use HTML tags in my blog and I am not that automation fan, so I really like the interface that allows us to write everything in simple HTML.

Try it out now, and give your feedback;




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