After going through this database, you will surely say it's insane!

4 min readMay 9, 2023


Welcome to the world of cosmetics and cosmetic raw materials.

Usually, it is really hard to source Cosmetic Raw Materials, and that too when you are working on a tight budget, it becomes havoc.

As a Research and Development expert you have to work day in and day out to get your products out or else your organization will not make profit, but then these products should also be of high quality and that is only ensured if you have the correct raw materials to work with.

There are several websites that tell people to sell their products, but those websites charge a license fee to their users or to the raw material vendors as well.

Some even require you to log in and share your details before you can access the database.

But what if I said that the things have changed now.

Yes that's true!

We have developed a search engine, just like you do Google Search, now you can find all the Cosmetic Raw Materials and Ingredients at one place.

Check out the below image;

As you can see in the above image, it is a simple Cosmetic Search Engine and has a Drop Down Box as well just below the search bar, where it says “select an ingredient”.

Now this is important to understand how this thing actually works.

Let’s assume you are searching for an ingredient “tween 20” and you are not able to find it in our repository, in that case our algorithm will change that query to a question (Do you have tween 20?) just as you see in the above image.

There will be a “Yes” button also in front of it so that if some raw material vendor has that item, they can click on yes and are able to add their contact details.

How does this help?
No one knows what their clients are selling in the cosmetics industry right now.

If you have stearic acid, you will sell stearic acid only to your clients even if they already have it.

But if you can know what is a particular company searching for or what raw materials they are searching, in that case you can procure the same and increase your sales more than 90% of the time.

This is because every query which R&D people are searching are taken care of. If an ingredient is not available in our repository, it is directly added as a question which others can answer, hence they are able to fulfill the needs of cosmetic companies.

This inturn also help Raw Material Vendors to know exactly what all requirements are there in the cosmetic companies.

How do we take care of privacy and security?
Privacy and security of all the users is important to us.

We are trying to ensure that all the Raw Material Vendors are genuine and have good products. As and when team grows, we are also planning to have a KYC department so that no vendor can sell their product if they are not verified.

Therefore, there are measures taken into place.

Also, any data from the users who use this search engine is not shared with anyone. For example, if you are working with some big brand, we will never share your email id, phone number, location or anything else with anyone. Only your search queries are stored for raw material vendors to answer and provide their contact details, therefore, no one will ever know what you are working on.

What happens these days?
These days we see there are several whatsapp groups where R&D people ask for raw material supplier contacts, because of which it can also be leaked in which department are your working or which products are you working on.

But when you are checking on thewiki website, no one knows who entered a query, therefore, you can be sure that no one knows if you are working on a particular product.

There is a new change coming in the cosmetic industry now, and people have already started working on ways to make it more easy to connect cosmetic companies with raw material vendors.

Monopoly of websites or organizations that share details about vendors has also started diluting now.

To check out the cosmetic search engine, please use the below link;




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