2021 Lockdown a case study on Business Activities

2021 was pretty cool!

We were thinking, a long year has passed away and now we can again come to our old normal. We saw awesome Instagram posts from people going to great places as they were enjoying their vacations.

Then, there were also elections that happened. It was a good thing, but as an individual, one started to feel as if everything was going fine,


We started receiving calls from our loved ones, who required beds and oxygen cylinders and we were unable to help because they are in some other state and we are in a different one.

Then several state governments actually became strict and started cutting challans to people who are not wearing masks. This was necessary indeed.

Now, it's again a time for lockdown. Yesterday, we got to know that there will be 10 days lockdown in India.

Well, it’s a good thing to happen, as we need to stop covid19. But what will happen to Businesses, that are coming and seeking revenue?

There are can be two scenarios:

  1. You are an essential Product or Service Provider
  2. You are a Non-Essential Product or Service Provider

If you are an essential product or service provider, then you will get time from 6 AM to 10 AM (if I am not wrong, you can confirm the same from government or news websites), to sell your products, and because of that, you will also have panic buying these days.

Yesterday, I saw one more thing. People knew government will help them with food supplies, but alcohol … hnm … it will be a difficult game altogether. So there were long queues in liquor shops from the evening.

It was just to make this article lite …

Well, the second scenario is when you are not from an essential product or service. Then you will have to check some other way of doing business. One can be online and the other may be network marketing.

This is because, most of the time, if you are not going to the field and meeting your clients and customers, then it becomes almost impossible to create a connection with customers and sell your products.

If you are on Amazon, then it a different thing as you can get sales, but most people try to create their own brand and start selling by giving access to their own websites and online stores.

This creates a difficult scenario, as we have to actually work on both fronts, i.e., manufacturing of products as well as the marketing of the same. And then there is the issue of delivering the service as well. This is because most of the courier services are out and they have stopped taking courier orders for these 10 days.

Small businesses are actually getting affected because of the same.

Only the online service providers are getting some response these days and because of this lockdown, it will become even more challenging to conduct business activities.

One will require to think about innovative ideas, so as to how one can create income streams. There are also several job losses these days, which no one understands, because large companies may not terminate anyone on the grounds of covid19, but they sure do the same by giving excuses for performance, etc.

This is a generalized statement and doesn’t apply to all MNCs.


We will have to work hard to make our both ends, but it will actually be fruitful because a diamond is made in pressure only and not surface. There will be some innovative ways, by which small business owners can earn more revenue and keep their business going.




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thewiki Network was created to liberate how content is shared around the world. Join the team at https://thewiki.in and start earning money for your content.

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